“ I will get the 20th century out of your eyes and ears. With every age we visit we’ll be governed by a spirit.”

Dennis Severs came to Spitalfields in 1979 and bought a derelict house saved by the Spitalfields Trust. He reconfigured it to tell the story of an imaginary Huguenot family who had lived there since it was built in 1724.

Take a walk through time in Dennis Severs’ House in which the material things he collected become a cast of characters, the House destined to be their stage.

We offer a range of tour options for visitors and this summer we are delighted to introduce Dennis Severs’ Tour which is new for 2021.

Dennis Severs' Tour

Reimagined by the gentle author

    Drawing upon newly-discovered recordings and unpublished writings by Dennis Severs, The Gentle Author of Spitalfields Life has recreated the famously evocative tours that Dennis gave after he first opened his house in 1980.

    Dennis Severs arranged each room as a scene in a family drama, inspired by the shadows of the past he sensed within the House. In this way he transported his guests through centuries, little expecting that he would – in due course – become one of the shadows himself. Yet this is what has happened.

    Limited to a small number of guests at a time, this intimate tour offers an unforgettable experience. For aficionados, it is an opportunity to return and encounter Dennis Severs’ creation anew through his own words.

Silent Visit

    An unguided tour through the House without speaking explored at your own pace. 18 Folgate Street is famous for the quality of its silence enlivened by ticking clocks, and crackling fires. When there is no chatter, you grow more aware of fragrances – perfume, wood smoke and oranges. Compounded by the intricate visual detail, this is an intense experience for all the senses. This tour takes place during daylight hours.

Silent Night

    A silent visit where shadows of the past are illuminated by the rich warm splendour of candlelight. This tour takes place during twilight and evening hours.

Bespoke tours

Once I get you in there, I am going to bombard all of your senses until I create in your mind a picture or an impression – like a memory – which you can take away within you.



    The House is open Thursday to Sunday with staggered entry. Please book your tickets online in advance, walk ups will be accommodated subject to availability. Tickets will be delivered by email. You must show your ticket on arrival.


    Due to the nature of the building, its Grade II listing and the different floor levels, there is no wheelchair access. We will do our utmost to make the House accessible to visitors who may have special requirements. For assistance please email info@dennissevershouse.co.uk

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